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Phone: 800-352-0272  Fax: 800-353-3681

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Standard Hand Trucks
  our most popular standard aluminum  hand  truck models. All in stock!
Build Your Own
- Parts Selection to build a hand truck from scratch, or replacement parts

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Gemini Hand Trucks -
  lay down type in Sr. or Jr. version
for general delivery uses.

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Appliance Trucks -
  for moving the heavy loads, appliances, and  vending machines. Used by moving and storage companies, delivery and rental companies.

Standard Aluminum
Gemini - Laydowns

Dock Boards/Plates
Platform Trucks
Specialty Trucks
Yard Ramps

Other Items
Steel Hand Trucks
Wheel Chocks
Pallet Jacks

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Yard ramps - mobile aluminum
 yard ramps are now discontinued, however we have 
Steel Yard Ramps
Call Today! 
Bluff Steel Yard Ramps

Specialty-folddown.JPG (89078 bytes)specialty-1-folddown.JPG (103331 bytes)
Specialty Trucks - the newest additions to the Magline wheeled products line for compact fold up uses.

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Dock Boards
- for use with forklifts, electric pallet jacks unloading trucks

General Information

Tips for Hand Truck users
Our pneumatic tires
Solid Fill - Micro Cellar Tires

All hand truck orders are shipped Assembled, unless specified otherwise.  *Gemini Sr.'s when assembled ship LTL truck, most other aluminum hand trucks ship UPS. Bulk shipments of assembled units, ship LTL truck cheaper than UPS. Appliance trucks vary as to unit.

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