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" Servicing America's Fleet of Genuine Magline Hand trucks
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Two-Wheel Folding Merchandising Truck:
Reduces hand truck height and depth for quick, convenient storage
in the trunk of a vehicle or van.

This hand truck literally folds up into a small, neatly stowed away
unit that can be handled by just about anyone. Its lightweight aluminum 
extrusion sides and crossbars reduce fatigue while maintaining 
maximum performance!

- Model 815 wheels provide the easiest rolling
and minimize effort when pushing a loaded hand truck.
- Great for route delivery or van delivery.

         Specialty-folddown.JPG (89078 bytes)            

                             specialty-1-folddown.JPG (103331 bytes)

Model with:

*   Folding nose plate and lock option:   
      # FTA19-E1-830-LFN
                 Price each.......$ 288.00/ea

*   Fixed nose plate: 
                 Price each.......$ 297.35/ea


Six Wheel Foldable Platform Truck
This convertible unit folds up neatly to take up less room on board delivery trucks,
while handling the heavy loads with fantastic maneuverability. 3 models to choose 
from.  Scroll to the bottom of the page for pricing.


Folded:    28.5" x 18.5" x 10"
Extended:   49" x 18.5" x 16"
Weight:      24#
Capacity:   500#
Capacity:   (18) - 12 packs
                  (3) - crates of 6  2-liters
                  (5) - crates of 20 oz.


Main Unit Extension
Length: 30 7/8" 30 7/8"
Deck Width: 23 1/4" 23 1/4"
28 1/4" n/a
n/a 27"
Handle Height: 34" or  39"  n/a
Deck Height 9 5/8" 9 5/8"
Weight/lbs. 33.0# 17.0#
Wt. Capacity: 750# 750#
12 packs
72 144*
2 - Liters
8 32*
20 oz.
12 34*

*Combined Capacity with main unit.


Model:  MT-TA Model:  #MT1TA

          MTN.jpg (8750 bytes)

     MT111.jpg (21226 bytes)

39" high handle
#830 wheels - mold on rubber

Price each $ 
360.00 /ea


39" high handle
#830 - non-marking wheels
Standard Caster Brake- to 
keep from moving in aisles.
Price each $ 
553.35 /ea

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